dimecres, 14 de febrer de 2018


Students of 3rd grade are learning the alphabet and how to spell a word. They love it because they are playing different games to practice the letters of the alphabet. Here you have a video of how they learn the alphabet.

dijous, 18 de gener de 2018


In P5 we started the second term singing and learning the family song. We have enjoyed a lot because we have done our finger family. Here you have the song: 

dilluns, 27 de novembre de 2017


This month of November, P4’s and P5's children have been learning vocabulary from the parts of the body, the colours and some animals with BEE BOOTS. They enjoyed a lot because it’s a different way to learn and review vocabulary from the songs we listen and sing in class.

dilluns, 6 de novembre de 2017


This year for Halloween, children of primary have been preparing some fun songs during the month of October. They have also translated the lyrics of the songs to understand the theme. They had a good time!

1st and 2nd grade

3rd and 4th grade

5th and 6th grade

dimarts, 19 de setembre de 2017


How is your english after summer?

Go to this website and play lots of english games. I really recommend it!

 You can learn and have a good time! 

Resultat d'imatges de angles 365

dimarts, 20 de juny de 2017

Jungle Book 3rd term

If you click on the picture you can watch the Jungle Book of this 3rd term. They did it really well!!!

foto de Escola Fanals d'Aro.