dissabte, 19 de març de 2016

The lion King

You can already click and watch the Lion King show of this second term.

Congratulations! you did it really well!!

dimecres, 16 de març de 2016

Celebrating Easter

Today we celebrated Easter from 3rd to 6th grade. They painted easter eggs and they had to find chocolate easter eggs that were hidden at the playground. We enjoyed this typical festival and we learnt a lot of vocabulary related to it. Here you can see some of the pictures that we took.

dijous, 10 de març de 2016

Good website

I want to share with you a really good website so that you can continue studying english at home! 

I hope that you click on the link, have fun and learn a lot of english vocabulary!


dilluns, 7 de març de 2016

6th grade project

This second term the class of 6th grade divided into groups and made a project about a country. They searched information and made the presentation in front of the class. They were a little bit nervous but they did it really well! 
Good job!!!